Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams) - Cover

Buy Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. A cult book, and perhaps the funniest texts in the Galaxy.

The novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams is considered one of the most popular and successful funny books in the literary world. The novel itself has been both re-written and re-released on multiple occasions, but it was first published in its first edition in 1979. Adams actually wrote and released what is known as a “trilogy” series of five books after publishing the first novel. These five books were published in the years 1979 through 1992. It has become a huge success in many media formats, including films, comic books and videos games.

Even the title of this book takes humorous jabs at many publications that are written to help hikers to travelers navigate a country or region. The author humorously uses this format to imply the novel is a guide to navigating the entire universe, though the novel itself in most formats is not an actual guide. The story contained in the guide is that of a group of people and beings attempting to navigate the universe after the destruction of several planets.

The book was re-written several times and in different ways by Adams, however most versions have a similar plot line. In each of the versions of the book, the novel follows main character Arthur Dent, a British man and incorporates several interesting supporting characters. Dents travels throughout the universe with a man who is only known as Ford Perfect, an alien, the president of the galaxy, a robot and a woman who is the only other survivor of the Earth’s collapse.

The group travels throughout the universe in an attempt to stop evildoers who destroyed the planet Earth while working to build an expressway through the portion of space occupied by the planet. Even this interaction has a humorous conclusion as an ultimate confrontation leads to a simple question, which is actually a line from a famous song by Bob Dylan. The novel is lighthearted and humorous throughout, making it one of the most popular funny books published by author Douglas Adams. Adam wrote and published several other similar novels throughout this career before his death in 2001. This novel and its counterparts are very humorous and entertaining.