Making Money (Terry Pratchett) Cover

Buy Making Money by Terry Pratchett and see a world not unlike ours, but much more fun. 

The novel Making Money by author Terry Pratchett was first published in 2007. It is the second novel in a series known as “Discworld” written by the same author. The book serves as a comedic look at the economy and the way in which money is valued by society through a science fiction genre. The author has written a book on a similar topic previously, with this new novel joining the ranks of his funny books.

Though the novel does not set out to be intentionally funny, it does elicit humor through the irony of they way in which a fictional society is drawn to and obsessed with money and currency. The author all but points out to the reader that these people are obsessed with money in every way, including possessing it and even just staring at it. The novel follows the story of main character Moist von Lipwig who works as the Postmaster of his city. Moist successfully worked to turn around the failing Anhk-Morpork’s post office during his time as Post Master. In this novel, he is commissioned by a man named Lord Vetinari to do the same for the town’s main bank.

The novel has humorous twists and turns throughout, including the fact that the main shareholder of the town’s bank is a dog named Mr. Fusspot. The canine was left a fifty-one percent shareholder by his deceased owner and left in the care of Moist as he runs the bank. Moist spends most of his time humorously juggling his new role while trying desperately to avoid failure under the watchful eye of Lord Vetinari. Perhaps the most colorful and lighthearted portion of the novel are the series of oddball supporting characters in the bank employees and town leaders. They are both odd and endearing; most with the shared goal of seeing the bank succeed under Moist’s tutelage.

The main character is likeable and funny and has a witty approach to scenarios throughout the novel. His inventive ideas are not always well received, but their introduction often has an enjoyable and humorous outcome nonetheless. This is just one of many great funny books available to readers on the market today.